• Jessica Underwood

Fall Wedding in Laplata

Bare with me folks. I am a better visual story teller then a verbal one! I hardly ever blog a wedding or portrait session but im going to give it a try!

I was booked on this wedding just a short time before the day in terms of how far in advance im usually booked! This was actually the first time i met the bride & groom & their family!

A big part of this job i love is capturing the relationships between people & sometimes im only around them for such a short time! During that short time i really get caught up in the moment of the love & happiness that is shared between them. I could tell after being around this couple & fam just that short time how genuinely real their love & togetherness is. It was a wonderful moment.

Wishing them a lifetime more of that same love and happiness.

Other Vendors:

Florist: Mary- Beth (Potomac Floral Design Studio)

DJ: Pete Wilt (DJStilts)

Dress Davids: Bridal

Tux: Serendipidty


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